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Desi Kalakaar, Solo Exhibition by Aman Rajwansh


Premiere Solo Exhibition of Desi Kalakaar Graphic-Art Paintings of Hip-Hop Icons by Aman Rajwansh.

Icons from the world of hip-hop music will be the subject of an extraordinary exhibition of pop-art portraits by Punjabi graphic-designer Aman Rajwansh from India. The portraits of ten icons of hip-hop culture capture the larger than life personas embodied by these men, who are among the wealthiest and most influential individuals of our time.

Aman Rajwansh reflects an artist who juxtapose urban youth culture with Indian identity in entirely innovative and unexpected ways. Using hip-hop and other forms of popular culture, artists create surprising new cultural hybrids—in graphic design pop-art—that reflect the changing demographics of Indian people today.

While this exhibition takes its starting point from hip hop, it branches out to include ordinary men in India, and other signifiers of urban life in combination with more traditional forms of Indian identity.

We are extremely proud to be presenting this exhibition as a Worldwide first at Digbeth Mela, Desi Kalakaar signifiers of South Indian identity and culture continue to shift and transform, and older traditions find renewed meaning in new forms of expression.



Digbeth Mela, Saturday 12 November, No 21. Milk Street, Digbeth. Birmingham. West Midlands. B5


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