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Behind The Netra Poetry Interactive Exhibition


How can poetry be powerful? How can those rhymes and lines be used as a tool for change? Well, Behind the Netra is hoping her words can do just that by presenting poetry that will impact your conscious direction and provoking thought.

Having performed at Box Park Shoreditch, Theatre Royal London, Oxford University and City Hall; and recently been nominated for the BAME Inspiration of the Year Award for her work in poetry and teaching, spoken word artist Jaspreet Kaur, better known as Behind the Netra, will be presenting her words of power through a special commissioned exhibition at Digbeth Mela.

Focused on sharing her thoughts on gender issues, historical topics and taboo subjects both in the Asian community and wider society. Her work aims to tackle issues related to gender discrimination, mental health stigma, decolonisation and more.

Behind the Netra will be presenting new work exclusively at Digbeth Mela through an underground pop-up urban multi- media exhibition, decorating our walls with her words and through your headphones!


Digbeth Mela, Saturday 12 November, No 21. Milk Street, Digbeth. Birmingham. West Midlands. B5


Digbeth Mela is produced and curated by

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